laughing glory


Greetings. Well’come!  We appreciate you visiting our website.


The site is loaded with photos for your visual satisfaction also, you will find helpful information to assist you on your WHOLISTIC journey along with HAIR, SKIN, WELLNESS and BEAUTY education, tips, advice, services, products and SALES.

Also sharing an impressive list of local EVENTS along with Poems, Blogs, and Word Memes created by ReRa MagicIam.


We believe in effort to capture that which is said ‘truth’, one must look not only through his or her physical eyes nor only hear though his or her physical ears.

One must know that he/she are;  all that is, all that was and all that there will ever be.

An eternal being!  Yes, you/me/we.  Tune in., into the silent/still place/space from which you’ve arrived.  There you will bare witness to a whole new world, one which lives inside of you.


Wholistic Wellness is healing for the (whole self)… Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Emotional, Financial, Social, Political, Legal, Sexual… etc.,  wholistically all things, situations and conditions which includes, effects and affects you.

With this journey will come the learning of exposing all your wounds; which means admitting to yourself and confronting your self .

We DANCE to heal .  We YOGA to heal . We MEDITATE to heal . We LEARN to heal . we WRITE to heal . We SHARE to heal . We SPEAK to heal


Once hidden behind the bushes of our own thoughts, our own emotions, our own pain. Let’s begin to cut down those bushes, pull up the weeds and FREE our Cellves on every plane.

Welcome to Wholistic Wellness!





ReRa Magiciam . Mother . Speaker . Writer . Poetry . Naturalist . Business . Blogger . Health . Wellness . Beauty . Wholistic Health Advocator . Dance Fitness . Yoga . Meditation









9 thoughts on “About

  1. Ms. MagicIam is the most powerful woman I’ve spoken to on a wholistic level. Absolutely mind blowing wisdom. Thank you for your dedication to education Ms. MagicIam.


  2. This is truly amazing
    This is the start of something special
    I feel the real
    Your vision will release Alot of people from their own prisons


  3. Thanks for sharing knowledge! This is an everyday struggle just to educate our people about their own selves! I’m on a road to show our people that knowledge can be learned any and everywhere around you. Just have to pay attention. Especially in nature!

    Liked by 1 person

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